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National Semiconductor - Wafer Foundry Services
On-Shore USA Foundry - ITAR Registered - DoD Accredited - Trusted Category 1A - CMOS - BiCMOS - 0.6m to 0.13m with SiGe and SOI options - Unique Die ID Fingerprinting - Low & High Volume Orders - Click Here to Enter, or Call 888-498-1618 . . .

ADVANCED INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES - Pleasanton, CA - - AIT designs and creates both Array and Leadframe packages for the global IC market. Our turn-key services include Electrical and Thermal Characterization, Design, Assembly, Testing, Failure Analysis and more. And with our real-time WIP system and drop shipping to OEMs, AIT offers its customers everything needed for time-to-market wins.
(925)426-3100, Fax: (925)426-2323, E-mail: SalesWeb@AITna.com or: cStai@AITna.com Request a quote

AMI SEMICONDUCTOR - Pocatello, ID - - Quickly turn your geometric data into prototypes in the finished product form you require. Whether your need is for wafers, die or tested package units, AMIS has the streamlined prototype flow needed to keep your development project on schedule. Reticle generation, process integration, test development, yield enhancement, and prototype delivery.
(208)233-4690, Fax: (208)234-6795/6796, E-mail: Info@AMIs.com Request a quote

AMKOR TECHNOLOGY, INC. - West Chester, PA - - A leading provider of contract semiconductor assembly and test services, offering semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs a complete set of outsourced microelectronic design and manufacturing services. 35 years of continuous improvement, growth and innovation, Amkor has become a trusted partner for most of the worlds leading semiconductor suppliers.
(610)431-9600, Fax: (610)431-5881, E-mail: Marketing@Amkor.com Request a quote

ASPEN TECHNOLOGIES - Colorado Springs, CO - - Ultra Fine Pitch Wedge and Ball Bonding From engineering prototypes to production, custom MEMS packages to flip chip assembly, fine-pitch wedge and gold ball wirebonding, stacked die assembly, precision wafer dicing, individual die singulation, and dicing of unusual materials. ISO 9001:2000 certified, bringing world-class assembly services to your valuable products.
(719)592-9100, Fax: (719)592-9126, E-mail: Info@AspenTechnologies.net Request a quote

ChipPac, Inc. - Fremont, CA - - Offering a broad portfolio of semiconductor packages, including leaded, laminate and direct chip-attach packages and interconnect technologies. Our packaging services include power packages (TO 2XX), leaded IC packages from PDIP and SOIC to TQFP, advanced IC packages including BGA, CSP and Flip Chip. Fast-turn prototyping, and advanced design and engineering services.
(510)979-8208, Fax: (510)979-8009, E-mail: Sales@ChipPac.com Request a quote

CHIP SUPPLY, INC. - Orlando, FL - - Largest merchant supplier of semiconductor die in the world, with many years of handling, assembling and testing all sorts of die and wafer device types from a long list of semiconductor manufacturers. We want to make our knowledge of bare die processes and technologies available as a resource to you.
(407)298-7100, Fax: (407)290-0164, E-mail: tHamby@ChipSupply.com Request a quote

COLIBRYS, INC. - Cary, NC - - Colibrys opens its wafer fab and test/assembly MEMS fabrication capabilities to customers who lack in-house expertise, equipment or capacity to let their demonstrators or prototypes evolve towards viable volume production. Offering the full support of our highly experienced team of designers, process and device engineers.
(919)467-3402, Fax: (919)467-3510, E-mail: foundryservices@colibrys.com Request a quote

CORWIL TECHNOLOGY CORP. - San Jose, CA - - Since 1990, the preferred fast turn IC assembly subcontractor for a wide variety of semiconductor and electronics companies, and major military and aerospace corporations. Our customers range from the very largest companies to start-ups designing the latest in technology. Services include high volume wafer dicing to full mil spec assembly.
(408)321-6404, Fax: (408)321-6407, E-mail: Info@Corwil.com Request a quote
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DALSA SEMICONDUCTORS - Bromont, Qubec, Canada - - Award-winning semiconductor wafer foundry providing premier specialized wafer fabrication and processing services. As a pure-play foundry that does not engage in design or marketing of MEMS or IC devices themselves, our goal is to deliver innovative foundry capabilities as a manufacturing partner to fabless and fab-lite semiconductor companies.
(800)718-9701, (450)534-2321, Fax: (450)534-3201, E-mail: Sales@DalsaSemi.com Request a quote

ELUME, INC. - Newbury Park, CA - - Semiconductor thin-film "short run" foundry, processing Silicon, Silicon carbide, Lithium niobate, quartz, glass, P(L)ZT, ceramics, (liquid soluble) sodium chloride 50-200mm wafers. Photolithography expose, develop, etch. KOH, HF, RIE, microblasting. Mask generation from GDS2. PVD sputtered coatings with interlayer (liftoff) patterning, <1 to >1, for metals, ITO, oxides, etc. Wafer thinning <100, annealing to 1300C.
(805)587-2214, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Sales@Elume.com Request a quote

HONEYWELL Solid State Electronics Ctr. - Plymouth, MN - - Honeywell SSEC supplies wafer foundry services to customers seeking moderate volumes and/or special technical requirements. Honeywell has a complete IC design environment for implementing your integrated circuit designs, offering proven design methodologies and a variety of computer-aided design tools for gate array, standard cell and custom IC design creation.
(800)323-8295, (763)954-2257, Fax: (763)954-2764, E-mail: ssec.customer.service@honeywell.com Request a quote

IMP, INC. / DAILY SILVER - San Jose, CA - - specializing in high-volume manufacturing of analog and mixed-signal process technologies, IMP operates an ISO 9001 registered, 18,000 square foot facility in San Jose, with an 8,000 square foot class 10 cleanroom. Wafer capacity is 15,000, 5" wafers starts per month. Offshore foundry partners with licensed IMP processes are available to insure supply.
(408)434-1206, FAX: (408)434-1215, E-mail: moiz@impinc.com Request a quote

JAZZ SEMICONDUCTOR. - Newport Beach, CA - - A pure-play semiconductor wafer foundry serving customers targeting wireless, optical networking, power management, storage, aerospace/defense and other high-performance applications. At the forefront of the foundry industry's expansion into sophisticated mixed-signal and RF wafer manufacturing, Jazz has the advantage of extensive experience in conventional CMOS manufacturing to complement its new technologies.
(949)435-8000, Fax: (949)435-8200, E-mail:. Info@jazzsemi.com Request a quote

KYOCERA AMERICA, INC. - San Diego, CA - - Kyocera designs, manufactures and assembles a broad range of microelectronic packaging solutions for the wireless, optoelectronic, semiconductor, telecommunications and specialty products markets based on advanced ceramic and plastic material technologies. Our technologies support Broadband Telecommunications, Mobile and Satellite Communications, surveillance systems, sensors, automotive electronics, medical devices, microprocessors and consumer electronics.
(858)576-2600, Fax: (858)569-9412, E-mail: kai@kyocera.com Request a quote

MAJELAC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC - Allentown, PA - - Superior Service for your Most Challenging IC Packaging needs. Subcontract assembly services to the Semiconductor & Optoelectronics industries. We specialize in Quick Turn IC Assembly & Packaging of Ball Grid Array packages, Multi Chip Modules with Chip on Board, wafer dicing, die sorting, BGA reballing, header attach, die bonding & wire bonding.
(610)770-1060, Fax: (610)770-1043, E-mail: Info@Majelac.com Request a quote
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MICREL, INC. - San Jose, CA - - Micrel's wafer fab division offers foundry services to commercial and military IC designers and OEMs seeking a production solution compatible with their specific application and/or technology needs. The Micrel foundry provides a variety of flexible wafer fabrication and processing resources which can address unique requirements for short runs or volume production.
(408)944-0800, Fax: (408)944-0970, E-mail: Jim.Crow@Micrel.com Request a quote

MICROFAB, INC. - Manchester, NH - - Specializing in custom thin film circuits, laser diode sub-mounts and micro-machining for infrared, optics, microwave and millimeter wave applications. These devices are produced using Alumina, Fused Quartz, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Beryllium Oxide (BeO) and other substrate materials. Serving the commercial, industrial, military, and satellite industries since 1999.
(603)621-9522, Fax: (603)621-9524, E-mail: microfab98@aol.com

MOSIS - Marina del Rey, CA - - MOSIS is a low-cost VLSI circuit development and fabrication service where you can purchase prototype and small-volume production quantities of integrated circuits and related products. MOSIS lowers the cost of fabrication by combining designs from many customers onto multi-project wafers, thereby significantly decreasing the cost of each design.
(310)448-9316, Fax: 310-823-5624 , E-mail: mosis-info@mosis.org Request a quote
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NATEL ENGINEERING CO., INC. - Chatsworth, CA - - - A microelectronics manufacturing leader for more than 25 years, growing in size and experience. We manufacture modules, hybrids and MCMs for the defense, aerospace, fiber optics/optoelectronics, medical, space, RF/microwave, ATE, computer and telecommunications industries. We can assist you in designing and developing your semiconductor modules and meet specifications.
(800)590-5774, (818)734-6500, Fax: (818)734-6530, E-mail: sales@natelengr.com Request a quote

NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR - ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION, MD - - On-shore, ITAR registered and DoD accredited Trusted category 1A wafer foundry services, offering CMOS and BiCMOS technologies, ranging from 0.65um to 0.13um with SiGe and SOI options. Unique die ID fingerprinting (UNG unique number generator) IP also available. Low/high-volume, offering long-term support for the life cycle of your project.
(888)498-1618, (301)498-9696, Fax: (301)604-6321, E-mail: trusted.solutions@nsc.com

PANTRONIX CORP. - Fremont, CA - - - Semiconductor Manufacturing Services for the aerospace, medical, military, communications, automotive and computer markets. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Pantronix occupies almost 100,000 sq ft state of the art facility, equipped to assemble and test devices used in in a broad range of mission-critical OEM applications.
(510)656-5898, Fax: (510)656-7779, E-mail: cmd@Pantronix.com Request a quote

PolarFab - Bloomington, MN - - - Flexible foundry services at our all-inclusive 200,000 square foot facility which includes 63,000 square feet of clean room space for wafer fabrication. Our modern manufacturing facilities consist of a six-inch (150mm) and a newly completed eight-inch (200mm) wafer fab area, with the ability to process in excess of 3500 wafers/week.
(800)882-3472, (952)876-3000, (952)876-2350, E-mail: Info@polarfab.com Request a quote

SILICON TURNKEY SOLUTIONS, INC. - Manteca, CA - - One-stop supplier for Design, Assembly, Electrical Test, Qualification, Reliability and Product Screening for a wide array of highly advanced, complex and dense interconnect ICs for the Space, Defense, Consumer, Telecommunications, Medical, Computer and Automotive industries. Advanced micro BGA, chip-scale packaging (CSP), flip-chip IC packaging technologies and System-on-a-Board Packaging Solutions.
(209)239-4444, Fax: (209)239-4882, E-mail: Sales@SiliconTurnkey.com Request a quote
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THAT CORPORATION - Milpitas, CA - - Semiconductor foundry offering precision wafer grinding & polishing services. We provide wafer fabrication services employing a dielectric isolation process which offers discrete-component performance within an integrated circuit. And, we provide precision wafer grinding services to submicron total thickness variations (TTVs) at our state of the art CMP center.
(508)634-9922, Fax: (508)634-6698, E-mail: foundry@thatcorp.com Request a quote

TriQuint Semiconductor - Milpitas, CA - - Replace discrete, single-function components in your high-volume application with a proprietary custom IC, and realize competitive advantages through improved manufacturability, lower insertion costs and proprietary control of the design. With the support of TriQuint's full-service foundry, implementing your custom RF or high-speed, mixed-mode IC is straightforward and cost effective.
(503)615-9000, Fax: (503)615-8905, E-mail: sales@tqs.com Request a quote

WAFER FOUNDRY SERVICES, INC. - Cupertino, CA - - Semiconductor manufacturing of Silicon wafers and associated pre and post manufacturing services. Online portal where both customers and vendors, offering and requiring foundry services, can use WFS for expediting engineering and manufacturing relationships. Get wafer quotes from multiple foundries with a single click.
(408)253-2449, Fax: (408)725-8885, E-mail: Sales@waferquote.com Request a quote .....

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