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Princeton Technology, Inc. - Printed Circuit Assembly Contract Manufacturers
Electronic Contract Manufacturers - Printed Circuit Assembly - SMT Assembly - Through Hole PCB Assembly - Mixed Technology Assembly - Lead-Free Assembly - Odd Form PCB Assembly - Enter Here or Call . . . 949-851-7776 . . .

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ADIRONDACK WIRE & CABLE - Woonsocket, RI - - CABLE ASSEMBLIES & Harnesses - Please return for complete product description.
(800)237-4542, Fax: (401)766-9309, E-mail: awc@awcacs.com Request a quote

AMS XS - San Jose, CA - - Your flexible solution for all of your electronics outsourcing needs. Offering printed circuit boards KITTING and TURNKEY. We offer warehousing, materials logistics, ESD handling, procurement, receiving and related accounting functions and reporting. With our key partner we will run your entire Operations Department on an outsourced basis.
(408)294-7100, (408)291-0300, E-mail: Info@AMSxs.com Request a quote

ARCHURA, LLC - Leesburg, VA - - Providing scalable network integration and support services & solutions. Our services cover network infrastructure, supply chain management, remote access & residential, professional services, construction services, project planning & engineering and data center construction project management, analysis and tuning, network design, system configuration, structured cabling, rapid network deployment, VoIP, moves, adds, changes & maintenance.
(800)253-0329, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: norm.leja@archura.com Request a quote

ASTROTECH GROUP - Arlington Heights, IL - - $100M/usd Hong Kong based contract manufacturer with 2 manufacturing facilities located in mainland China. Providing SMT and through hole assembly, plastic injection molding, metal fabrication and design services to USA-based OEMs for over 15 years - Supporting automotive, consumer, gaming and telecom accounts. ISO registered, QS pending this year.
(847)398-8833, Fax: (847)398-9933, E-mail: Brian@Astrotech.com.hk Request a quote

AVL SPECIALIST, INC. - Anaheim, CA - - Save money by outsourcing your COMPONENT PROCUREMENT process - AVL Specialist was formed by a group of engineers and financial experts to provide top-quality engineering and procurement services to worldwide OEMs, and to their contract manufacturers, as well as to Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) of electronics-based products.
(714)280-0938, Fax: (714)844-4826, E-mail: Sales@AVLspecialist.com Request a quote

CANCINO TECHNOLOGIES CORP., LTD. - Dorval, QC, Canada - - Specializing in complicated PCB assembly. Through hole, SMT, press-fit, Go no go and full electronic testing, final assembly. BGA reballing service, design services, layout and board fabrication. Will quote on single prototype to medium volume production - turnKey and consignment contracts. QA systems second to none. 48-hr, 1-week and 3-week turns.
(514)631-7667, Fax: (514)631-6786, E-mail: Info@CancinoTechnologies.com Request a quote

DIE-TECH, INC. - York Haven, PA - - Leaders in the design and manufacture of continuous strip leadframes. We have unparalleled expertise at fine pitch stamping and forming of the most intricate shapes. Our experienced staff of engineers and toolmakers will design and build the custom dies you need to be competitive in today's marketplace.
(717)938-6771, Fax: (717)938-6099, E-mail: Info@Die-Tech.com Request a quote

EMERGING TECHNOLOGY, LLC - Cypress, TX - - One-stop offshore Asian outsources for high quality, low cost components, assembly, and production needs. Helping OEMs with PCB ASSEMBLY, cables, custom tooling for METAL & PLASTICS - Our engineers will work directly with your designers to jointly develop a cost effective design via e-mail, conference calls, or on-site visits.
(281)246-4701, Fax: (281)246-4702, Cell: (214)212-8956, E-mail: Tomchesson@aol.com Request a quote

FANCORT INDUSTRIES, INC. - West Caldwell, NJ - - Click to visit our website for a complete description of our LEAD FORMING and reconditioning services and return to this page later for a complete listing of our component prep services.
(973)575-0610, Fax: (973)575-9234, E-mail: Info@Fancort.com Request a quote

IOS - INTERNATIONAL OUTSOURCING SERVICES - Mexico / El Paso, TX - - The services offered by IOS allow you to keep your options open when considering MANUFACTURING IN MEXICO. From component sourcing, fabrication, subassembly, logistics and distribution support or turnkey, end-to-end solutions, we have the answer to your manufacturing needs. - Hard goods, soft goods, electronics, OEM subcontracts and more.
(800)581-6237 ext.103, (915)581-6237 ext.103, Fax: (915)584-7990, E-mail: krosenlund@IOSnet.com Request a quote

OFFSHORE ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING, INC. - Dominican Republic - - Using computer-controlled stations to assemble your labor-intensive, custom OEM cables, cords, harnesses, wire and air coils, Mil-Spec cables, computer cables, acoustic cables, communication cables, wire lead sets - Offering complete coil winding services - English speaking, American owned - Quick quotes.
(809)570-3335, Fax: (809)570-3338, E-mail: Info@OEMdr.com Request a quote

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. / Flexible Heaters - El Paso, TX - - Please visit our website now or return later to read a complete description of our standard and OEM custom flexible heaters.
(800)553-5087, Fax: (915)591-6300, E-mail: Sales@FlexCircuitsInc.com Request a quote

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. / Membrane Switches - El Paso, TX - - Please visit our website now or return later to read a complete description of our OEM custom membrane switches.
(800)553-5087, Fax: (915)591-6300, E-mail: Sales@FlexCircuitsInc.com Request a quote

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. / Wire & Cable Assembly - El Paso, TX - - Please visit our website now or return later to read a complete description of our membrane switches.
(800)553-5087, Fax: (915)591-6300, E-mail: Sales@FlexCircuitsInc.com Request a quote

PARKER GROUP, INC., The. - Clinton Township, MI - - Factory authorized & field service capable OUTSOURCED REPAIR DEPOT. Component level PC board repairs, AC/DC drives, power supplies, AC/DC servo motors, PLC, NC/CNC controls, encoders, robotics, CRT/monitor, instrumentation & measuring devices. Printed circuit board assembly manufacturing. Free estimates, quick turn, outstanding warranty, competitive pricing.
(586)469-0606, Fax: (586)469-2826, E-mail: Sales@ParkerGroupInc.com Request a quote

PRECO, INC. - Morton, IL - - PCB CONFORMAL COATING and complete contract manufacturing services. SMT, through-hole, mixed technologies -- Prototype to production quantities -- Value added hand assembly -- ISO 9002 Cenrified, QS 9000 Compliant. Also, Engineering for manufacturability. Develop in-circuit & functional test programs.
(800)864-2491, (309)266-6674. Request a quote

PRINCETON TECHNOLOGY, INC. - Irvine, CA - - Electronic contract manufacturing of high quality electronic assemblies, from prototypes to small and medium production volumes of SMT, through hole and mixed technology. Put our experience to work for you - Highly skilled engineering and manufacturing staff to assist you in every aspect of your new product delvelopment, manufacturing and assembly .
(949)851-7776, Fax: (949) 851-7999, E-mail: sales@princetonusa.com Request a quote

PROGRAM AUTOMATION - Lake Forest, CA - - Independent service company, in business for 30 years, dedicated to IC & device programming and kitting services. Our customers include OEMs, contract manufacturers, component distributors and other resellers. Package types include TSOPs, PLCCs, µBGAs, MLFs, SOICs, TO-92, TSSOPs and others. We will expedite your device programming in a timely, professional manner.
(949)859-8200, Fax: (949)859-3677, E-mail: stan@progauto.com Request a quote

RELIABLE COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - Angels Camp, CA - - OEM PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT with complete contract manufacturing services for low to medium production runs. PCB assembly and electro mechanical.
(800)222-2810, (209)736-0421, Fax: (209)736-0425, E-Mail: rcinfo@relcomm.com Request a quote

SEMIPACK SERVICES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - COMPONENT PREPARATION and packaging solutions. Tape & reel packaging - lead forming - lead straightening - component baking to remove moisture prior to assembly - BGA rework to reball defective BGA chips - device programming - More! Working for contract manufacturers, component distributors, and end-user OEMs. Our services are conducted in accordance with IS9001/QS9000 standards.
(888)876-PACK, (904)733-3755, Fax: (904)733-9664, E-mail: Bwatson@SemiPack.com Request a quote

SUNBURST EMS - West Bridgewater, MA - - Formerly named DC Scientific. Please return later for product description, or click on the line below to read our latest News Release.
(508)580-1881, (508)586-4516. Request a quote

UNITED UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIES, INC. - Joliet, IL - - Electromechanical product manufacturing & assembly... Cut/strip & terminate wires and cables, connector assembly & over molding, packaging, hot stamping, modifications to offshore products, coil cords, molded strain reliefs, cigar plugs, SAEJ928 trailer plug, and coax cable assemblies.
(800)683-7228, (815)727-4445, Fax: (815)727-4490, E-mail: Sales@UnitedUniversal.com Request a quote

WireStrippers.com - Menifee Valley, CA - - WIRE PROCESSING SERVICE for cutting, stripping and crimping of terminals is offerred by a leading manufacturer of programmable wire stripping machines, thermal wire strippers, wire & tubing cutting and coaxial cable stripping machines.
(800)490-8520, (909)301-8560, Fax: (909)679-4849, E-mail: wirestrippers@webtv.net Request a quote

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