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Flynn Systems Corp. - JTAG Boundady-Scan Tools
Boundary Scan Test Software - IEEE 1149.1/.6 Compliant - JTAG Tools for Development & Test - BGA - ISP of Flash Memory - CPLDs - DLL & Manufacturing Licenses Available - Enter Here or Call 603-598-4444 . . .

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ALLTEMATED, INC. - Arlington Heights, IL - - One-stop component preparation services, setting the standard for tape and reel packaging, IC programming, bake and dry-pack services, and carrier tape manufacturing. Additional service include board Rework, component reclamation, cable and harness assemblies, and more. Providing aggressive same day service, on-demand capacity and superior performance at competitive prices every time. .
(847)394-5800, Fax: (847)394-5805, E-mail: Request a quote 10/GP

ELECTRO-COMP TAPE & REEL SERVICES, INC. - Clearwater, FL - - Electronic component processing specialists, providing surface mount, axial & radial component tape and reel services, including radial lead forming. We carry in-stock over 500 different surface mount carrier pockets. Guaranteed quality, fast delivery and very competitive pricing since 1987. Our services are conducted in compliance with ISO-9001 quality standards.
(727)532-4262, Fax: (727)532-4122, E-mail: Request a quote

FANCORT INDUSTRIES, INC. - West Caldwell, NJ - - Click to visit our website for a complete description of our LEAD FORMING and reconditioning services and return to this page later for a complete listing of our component prep services.
(973)575-0610, Fax: (973)575-9234, E-mail: Request a quote

INTEC EQUIPMENT - Minden, NV - - We buy, sell, rebuild and service SMT equipment, insertion machines, wave soldering, water washes, board transfer equipment, component prep, screen printers, feeders and full equipment lines. Inventory includes products from Assembleon Philips, Asymtek, Camalot, DEK, Dover Soltec Electrovert, Fuji, Juki/Zevatech, MPM, Siemens, Sanyo, Universal Instruments, Vitronics and more.
(775)783-7965, (775)790-0683, Fax: (775)783-7965, E-mail: Request a quote

MICRON LASER TECHNOLOGY - Hillsboro, OR - - Micron Laser Technology provides subcontract laser processing services for the medical, aerospace, military, and electronics industries. The laser process applications include microvia drilling, routing, control depth skiving, and micro-machining. Capabilities include 20 custom CO2, UV, and YAG laser systems that provide a positional and dimensional accuracy of ▒.0005".
(503)439-9000, Fax: (503)439-3365, E-mail: Request a quote
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OLAMEF / PEI - Carlsbad, CA - - Lead cutting and forming equipment for loose or taped axial and radial components, transistors, ICs and special applications. PCB depanelers, component counters. We have been serving the electronics industry with component prep equipment for over 15 years. Se habla Espa˝ol.
(877)652-6336, (760)930-9206, Fax: (760)930-9273, E-mail: Request a quote

PROCESS SCIENCES, INC. (PSI) - Austin, TX - - Providing SMT process solutions to electronics OEMs and their contract assemblers - BGA rework and repair, reballing, 3D X-ray solder joint inspection, counterfeit IC component detection, solder process training and more. Our goal is to free up your company's internal resources so that you can focus on manufacturing and product development.
(512)259-7070, Fax: (512)259-7073, E-mail: Request a quote

PROGRAM AUTOMATION - Lake Forest, CA - - Independent service company, in business for 30 years, dedicated to IC & device programming and kitting services. Our customers include OEMs, contract manufacturers, component distributors and other resellers. Package types include TSOPs, PLCCs, ÁBGAs, MLFs, SOICs, TO-92, TSSOPs and others. We will expedite your device programming in a timely, professional manner.
(949)859-8200, Fax: (949)859-3677, E-mail: Request a quote

SEMIPACK SERVICES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - component preparation and packaging solutions. Tape & reel packaging - lead forming - lead straightening - component baking to remove moisture prior to assembly - BGA rework to reball defective BGA chips - device programming - More! Working for contract manufacturers, component distributors, and end-user OEMs. Our services are conducted in accordance with IS9001/QS9000 standards .(888)876-PACK, (904)733-3755, Fax: (904)733-9664, E-mail: Request a quote

TANDEX TEST LABS, INC. - Irwindale, CA - - Testing services, laser marking and mil spec test for aerospace, defense and commercial semiconductors as well as electronic component processing and packaging, destructive physical analysis and failure analysis services. Counterfeit parts screening , nondestructive shock and vibration testing of your semiconductor products and die packaging of obsolete ICs and Transistors.
(800)729-8378, (626)962-7166, Fax: (626)960-6896, E-mail: Request a quote


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